My adventures & explorations have led to invention! The VonPrussia Book of Patents is my lifetime of works to harness knowledge for all Citizens to be a part of Universal Systems rather than outside of Future Engineering. The Science of Citizenry is where talent, expertise, technology, space to flora and fauna hold the answers to problems we cannot solve without the galaxy of open & equal smart involvement.

My journey was made possible by inclusionary models welcoming women with ideas and I thank The European Commission Agendum for allowing me to contribute. Appreciation to Stanford University USA for offering me the opportunity to test Platform Systems Modelling with VLAB and Worldwide Students.

Deepest gratitude to Open Innovative International Professors, Futurists and Leaders in discussions where I needed to offer my opinions, white papers, abstracts and Humanity-Centric Systemisation Inventions.

The VonPrussia Book of Patents aim & focus is to present Academia with my Abstracts for International Students of all ages online.

VonPrussia Studio in the Future will host & stage Art of Invention Symposia, where you can live & work alongside Nature - hosting 10 Symposia per year.



VonPrussia International

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