Sympsoia Events plan to reveal inspiration & open innovation with First Nation Peoples, Environment, Nature as an Economy, Women who build Smart Cities to the youngest Inventors leading the way in Age Equality!

The VonPrussia Dream of Exploring for Knowledge is to then share with People who care and want 'IN'' to Your Nations' Future as well as your Own Future!

VonPrussia Symposia

VonPrussia International

VonPrussia Studio


The Book of Patents will be released in 2016, for Gamification & Abstract Proof of Concept testing Internationally.

VonPrussia Book of Patents

Students & Contributors will all be welcomed to visit VonPrussia Studio in the near Future!

GOOGLE FOR VONPRUSSIA ORG VonPrussia HQ 11:28 [Keep this message at the top of your inbox] To: VonPrussia HQ